Note: iPadSammy did not actually win the Heisman Trophy

Note: iPadSammy did not actually win the Heisman Trophy

Hoodies are the preferred style of clothing for Jon

Hoodies are the preferred style of clothing for Jon

- Jon Samuelson is an educator, podcaster, tinkerer, and Pokemon Go enthusiast living in Portland, Oregon. 

Words about Jon Samuelson.

Creator of the Techandia Podcast, Jon has been an educator for over twenty years. Jon currently works as an Innovation Strategist for the Beaverton School District. Jon has presented and keynoted at conferences around the United States, sharing his love of mobile learning and educational technology. Jon constantly strives to learn and share ideas with educators.  

Tony Vincent has stated the following about @jonsamuelson (formerly known as @ipadsammy):

"Jon has a great way of connecting with other teachers. He's certainly an effective communicator and collaborator. The thing I like best about Jon is that his enthusiasm and passion are contagious. I am confident that he can take teachers from where they are with technology and work with them to push their practice forward."

Jon has been paid to consult and deliver professional development for the following school districts:

  • Clark County School District - Nevada
  • Tyler Independent School District
  • Bonham Independent School District
  • Beaumont Independent School District
  • Bastrop Independent School District
  • Belton Independent School District
  • Laredo Independent School District
  • Hayes Independent School District
  • Eanes Independent School District
  • Paris School District - Arkansas
  • Anchorage School District 

You can contact Jon at: if you would like professional development or for Jon to speak at your conference. 


Conference Presentation history

2008 - NECC Conference - San Antonio, TX

2009 - TCEA Conference - Austin, TX

2010 - TCEA Conference - Austin, TX

2011 - Mobile Learning Experience - Phoenix, AZ

2012 - TCEA Conference - Austin, TX

2012 - Mobile Learning Experience - Phoenix, AZ

2012 - ISTE Conference - San Diego, CA

2012 - District Opening Keynote - Paris, AR

2012 - OATS Conference - Portland, OR

2012 - LACUE Conference - New Orleans, LA

2013 - FETC Conference - Orlando, FL

2013 - Mobile Mania Conference Opening Keynote - Beaumont, TX

2013 - ICE Conference - Chicago, IL

2013 - ISTE Conference - San Antonio, TX

2013 - Camp Plug & Play Facilitator - Tucson, AZ

2013 - Mobile Learning Experience - Tucson, AZ 

2014 - TCEA Library Media Specialist Keynote - Austin, TX

2014 - IntegratED Conference - Portland, OR

2014 - Illinois CTO Clinic Keynote - Chicago, IL

2014 - Texas Elementary School Principals Conference - Austin, TX

2014 - Camp Plug & Play Lead Facilitator - Tucson, AZ

2015 - IETA Conference - Boise, ID

2015 - CUE Un-Conference Facilitator - Palm Springs, CA

2015 - Mobile Learning Experience Featured Speaker - Tucson, AZ

2015 - ISTE Conference - Philadelphia, PA

2015 - Camp Plug & Play Facilitator - Tucson, AZ

2016 - National CUE - Palm Springs, CA

2016 ISTE Conference- Denver, CO