Monday's Resources

2:40-5:00 in the Coyote Room

Today we will come in and get started with housekeeping type things 

First order of business is Schoology:

Schoology Website 

Schoology will be used to post finished projects for sharing. We will sign up/sign in for Schoology and use the code: 

This is the code for our group. You can ask questions, make comments, and post all your work. This will be a resource to come back to while you are at Plug & Play, and also to review before the school year starts.

Google Drive

A quick side tour about how to save your passwords using Google Drive. I like to use both Drive, and an old-fashioned notebook.

Introduction to Haiku Deck:

I have now showed you one of my go to decks that describe my teaching philosophy. One of the things I love about Haiku Deck is there are many ways to share your products, and they can transform across subject and grade level. It is also a web based product AND an app. This means you have access to it, no matter what device you are on. 

BUT here is a public service announcement:

Moral to the video: Please use Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. when possible.

Haiku Deck on the web 

Haiku Deck for iOS

Assignment: Create a Haiku Deck and post it to Schoology. (You can bend the rules by adding extra slides or ideas) 

Slides to include at least: 

  • Your Hero, Your Favorite Book, Your Favorite Celebrity/Athlete, Your Favorite Food, Your Goal for Camp Plug & Play

  • Other ideas for the beginning of the school year 

  • When finished post to Schoology. Don't be afraid to ask the people around you for help. 

Twitter for educators: 

One of my favorite resources to share is Twitter. We would love for you to set up a Twitter account to connect and share with other educators. I have some screenshots below that will help guide you through the process. There is also a great Prezi from my friend, Jeff Herb, who runs the site and podcast, Instructional Tech Talk


There are 5 pictures to help get you started in this gallery.

 Setting up your account

Setting up your account

 Understanding the features

Understanding the features

 How to interact with other educators

How to interact with other educators

 General guidelines 

General guidelines 

 Some sample chats 

Some sample chats 

Here is the full Prezi presentation that I took the images from. Very relevant information from Jeff. 

We will both be happy to help you set up a Twitter profile, during the week.

Writing day will be tomorrow!