Tuesday's Resources

I have to tell you all, I went out at 5:20 PM yesterday and two Verizon stores so I could pay my bill for my wifi hotspot. Lets hope that helps fix the problem. If nothing else, I tried. Thank you for your patience yesterday, you did a great job.

Review of commenting from yesterday

Now on with today: This will be writing day! 

Here is your link to Schoology to share your work and ideas. 

8:30-10:00 AM: Twitter and microblogging with your class.

Let my 2nd grade students teach you some of the basics of twitter. They have been participating in some nationwide classroom twitter chats and they got to be twitter pros in no time!
My class of 1st and 2nd graders created this twitter tutorial for slightly advanced users. Learn about a "tweep", RT, MT and more in this instructional video!
My class of 2nd graders participated in a Twitter Chat - #namethattoy It was a fun learning experience and we enjoyed communicating with classes all over the United States and Canada.

Karen's blog about non-digital Tweeting from Planet Mensing! 

Special Guest Google Hangout from Brad Wilson at 9:45 AM - Creator of Write About This and Tell About This App.

10:15-11:45 Continue with Story Apps

How to capture images - a time to grab some photos

We are going to gather some images for the first 15-20 minutes for the day. 

Find some images on the web that you can use to create some stories. Think about what subjects you are teaching this year. Examples could be landforms, water cycle, penguins, Arizona history, etc.

http://www.Get-iPad-Lessons.com Learn how to capture any image on your iPad with this easy to follow tutorial. Capture any image you need on your iPad and access from your photos app. Tutorial on how to capture any image on the iPad Go to http://www.Get-iPad-Lessons.com NOW
http://www.Get-iPad-Lessons.com Learn how to take a screen shot of anything on your iPad and access through your photos application. Take a screen shot of websites, products, pictures, anything on your screen all from this simple trick.


Lunch 11:45-12:45

12:45-2:15 Book Creation Apps

2:30-3:30 Continue with book creation

3:30-4:00 Sharing and reflection