Edcamp "America" Online - A Success!

Kristen Swanson and the crew have got something going. 

The Techlandia Crew loves Edcamps, Maker Faires, PlayDates, and all sorts of interactive learning events. We were even bigger fans of Edcamp Home earlier in the year. Any opportunity for the so-called PD in our PJ's that allows us to be lazy, is a good thing. While out at IntegratED SF last month, I talked with Kristen Swanson about Edcamp Online. She was impressed with Edcamp Home, but had been working on a way to bring the Edcamp model online for months. The person behind the software development was a person named, Drew Harry from MIT. The technical glitches were very few, and I think that there is some real potential here to hold an online Edcamp at least once a month. This has the potential to really spread the growth of teachers taking charge of their own PD, and getting the Edcamp movement to grow. I am anxious to see if this catches fire, and the future plans for Edcamp Online. I will definitely pass along any news or new plans for the next one from my Twitter account

Below I have included Tips & Tricks for the next Edcamp Online with a some bonus content. The first is a Twitter widget of everyone that participated in Edcamp Home, the opening and closing videos, and a link to my Twitter Lists if you are looking to add some of these people to your PLN.   

Here are the things that will help prepare you for the next Edcamp Online: 

  1. Have your Google + account set up - Even if you aren't a power user of G+, get a profile pic up and try to use it a little bit. It's not Twitter, but it's not bad people....come on, live a little.
  2. Use a Google Hangout - Talk about living a little bit....how have you not at least tried a Google Hangout yet? Please do, and have the things downloaded to make your hangout work. You need to do this soon if you haven't. 
  3. Have patience - Know the work arounds if things aren't working perfectly. Refreshing your browser, and leaving and re-opening a hangout, are easy and what you should do if things aren't working. Use your problem solving skills, and don't get frustrated. You would expect that of your students too, wouldn't you?  
  4. Bring your "A" game - I stole this from my hangout with Dan Callahan who voiced this at Edcamp Boston. We need our discussions to progress to more than just demos of web tools or websites. Talk about project ideas and pedagogy in your session. We need to start moving to deeper understanding, it isn't about the tools, although you may learn one along the way.