Tutorial for the NEW Google Hangouts/On Air

Why does Google keep changing things on me?


Don't worry about that, Silly! They are improving stuff. I like the new Hangouts On Air. It has not even crashed on me once since the update. I have heard rumors that there may or may not be a group of principals that are having a hard time running a hangout. This inspired me to take 20 minutes out of my day to help out. If principals can't figure out a GHO....how are us lowly teachers going to use it? 

That was sarcasm, principals will eventually figure it out ---a teacher always shows them the way and saves their little tushies.


The result is the following two videos. The first is the actual screencast created in Camtasia from TechSmith. The only problem, my good friend, Alison Anderson helped out but you can't hear her audio. If you can't fail it doesn't count is what my homeboy in Idaho Dave Guymon says, so live and learn. I will also share the second video, that includes audio from Alison. This is what the finished product looks like in a Google Hangout On Air. It is a very powerful tool, that will upload whatever you record straight to your YouTube channel. Ask me any questions if you need help in the comments below, or on the "Twitters."