Life Is Great, Without A Care....Ode to Thanksgiving

So many things to be thankful life is perfect.


It is nice to reflect on how awesome life is during the holiday season. There are so many great things going on right now, I can't wait to share them. I am taking time on this Thanksgiving, to get away from my family, hunker down in my office, act like I am doing something important, to avoid doing any actual real Thanksgiving work. Cooking, spending time with the family, unplugging from social media.....who needs that? I will go down and snap a couple pics and put them up on Instagram and Facebook with a "happy" caption, and you will think I am a family man. @marniemoose will really be ticked that I can't even spend Thanksgiving with the family, but everything will appear to be great. That is what is really important this holiday season....putting up the facade that everything is great! 

(PS - Can I start a sentence an @? I embedded a deck below from the new Haiku Deck web app. If you haven't tried it out, give it a try. I like it because despite my twitter handle of @ipadsammy, I use my desktop 90% of the time. 

Arne Duncan

Arne is the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season. You never know when he going to stop his busy schedule, and inspire people. Recently he kicked some knowledge: 

Duncan said Friday that he was fascinated by the fact that some opposition to the standards was coming from “white suburban moms” who fear that “their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were.”

Oh Arne, you so cra cra!! So much inspiration to choose from! I will include this post from Chris Guerrieri's blog that includes a video of Arne discussing what we need in America. The quotes are more inspiring if you can see Arne actually say the words. This video, at the 23 minute mark, tells us our problem. US teachers graduate in the lower third of their college classes, while top countries graduate in the top third. If only I had this knowledge while I was in the College of Education! I would have studied much harder in my classes. We learned such important topics as how to thread a filmstrip/film projectors, how to play the piano, the essential skills needed to be a classroom teacher in 2013. I know that all teachers usually credit the classes they took in the college of education for their success. It sure beat going into the classroom and getting "real" experience. I would rather study about John Dewey and take a scantron test to regurgitate facts about his life and work. 

You can't mention Arne without mentioning.......BASKETBALL! This article links to all the excitement over his scintillating performance in the 2012 Celebrity All-Star Game. Arne had been robbed by all the "Beliebers" in his first appearance, and it appeared the robbery would happen again the following year, in the form of Kevin Hart. Arne got the recognition he deserved because Kevin Hart knew what time it was!

Internet Explorer

THE ONLY browser for people that love technology, and frustration. 

Big Expensive Conferences

I think big expensive conferences are incredible. My inner dialogue goes somewhat like this:

Wow, you would like me to present, but I can pay my own way? Wait, you will give me a fifty dollar discount off the four hundred dollar registration fee? Then I can pay for my own hotel, and flight to the conference as well? Awesome, it doesn't take too long to make three days of sub plans. I can sit and watch other teachers lecture how great they are for an hour, while I sit there with not-so-great wifi? Sign me up! --- Wait, I do have one question. Who is making all the money here, and are these lectures I listened to preparing me to help students, or is it all just the teachers promoting themselves? ---Sorry, three questions. 

Standardized Testing

High stakes testing rocks! The only way to measure student achievement. 

Have a great holiday season! 

 We are so happy our dad is spending time with us instead of blogging. 

We are so happy our dad is spending time with us instead of blogging.