Why Would You Block YouTube?


They are just going to go there when they get home....and I do the same thing. 


Why do school block YouTube? Oh right, because we wouldn't want these poor students to see all the bad content on YouTube. Well I have news for you, they are there already. When are schools going to wake up? The very least a district could do is open it up for the teachers. Quit fighting it administrators! You can upload student created videos, embed videos on your website, the list goes on and on! There is so much great content out there to use with your students. I can't even count all the wasted minutes spent trying to get around the district filter, just to upload student work. District filter admins....you need to buy a vowel and get a clue! 

There is a great new site I discovered called Huzzaz. We have talked about it on our Techlandia Podcast a few times now. (Click that link and you will get all of the episodes in a nice Symbaloo webmix) Do you know how many YouTube videos I have favorited? Not that many, only 1,130. Do you know how hard it is to keep all of those organized? YouTube has improved the system over the years, but it is still hard to keep track of all those. That is why I absolutely loved Pinterest when it came out. I used it right away to sort all my favorite videos. You can take a look at all my Pinterest boards, if you don't believe me. Huzzaz takes care of all that for you. I suggest that you check it out if you are a YouTube junkie. I think it would have some great uses in the classroom for sorting and categorizing videos that go with units. 

On Techlandia, we all are big fans of music and things that are awesome. We are making a Huzzaz board each week of things we find. I am going to embed one below. I think it is great how you can embed them, and just hit play and watch, or skip to the next video. Wouldn't that be cool on your classroom website as well? Come on people, get to Huzzaz and sign up for the beta. I may even have some invites to give out if you have to wait. As always, just ask me! I love to help out. Please feel free to stay and enjoy some of these great videos, and relax! Winter Break is almost here!