Podcast, podcast, podcast.....

All I ever do is podcast!

I'm not saying it is a bad thing to be on podcasts, but I need to start blogging more.  So maybe the way I trick myself into doing this, is to blog about.... podcasts!   


People sometimes wonder about the title of the show.  The video above is from the comedy show "Portlandia" on IFC.  My friend Alison Anderson @tedrosececi on "the Twitters" is from Portland.   I thought it was a layup.   We even got permission to use the actual theme song from the show as the intro and outro music for the podcast.  We got it by.....wait for it....asking permission from the artist, Washed Out.  Alison and I met Wisconsin principal, Curt Rees, at a the IntegratED conference in Portland.  We hit it off, and he has been on the show ever since.  Techlandia has been downloaded over 10K times in our first 4.5 months.  So if you haven't listened yet, you should give it a try.  The format is simple, we give you 3 apps, 3 educators to follow on Twitter, and 3 #eduwins per episode.  It is great for your commute, workout, or daily dog walk.  Learn some good tricks to use in the classroom while you go about your daily routines.  Take a listen to our latest episode below:

We also provide links to each episode on our Learnist Boards.  We have one for each episode similar to the one embedded below.  Each podcast has at least 15 resources for you to explore.  

If you listen to this episode closely, we also tell you how to win THREE app codes for some great educational apps.  I hope that you will give us a try.  Please feel free to comment below for apps or ideas you would like us to share.  We may even have you on the show! 

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