iMovie Trailer in 20 Minutes

Think that can't be done?  Well we just did it today, and while the results aren't jaw dropping, the students got the job done.  Here are your ingredients for this assignment:

  1. Four fifth grade students
  2. 2 iPads - in this case one student and one teacher
  3. iMovie App
  4. Chirp App
  5. Haiku Deck App
  6. Limited amount of time due to end of the year field trips, assemblies, etc. 

We decided on the Retro theme right away.  The theme selection is the biggest time drain in iMovie trailer creation.  I am alright with exploring the themes in the beginning of the year, but not now.  I told them Retro was the way to go.  I believe the most important element in the iMovie Trailer is the script.  If the words and message are solid, then the trailer works.  In this case, I gave three students my iPad to get the script down, while we decided on what to shoot as footage with the other.  We also made a couple of Haiku Deck slides and took screen shots in case we needed still pictures.  We took the pics and Chirped them over to the other computer with script.  After the script was done we had some signs and props ready, and we shot directly into the trailer.  

Our goal was to make an invitation to our Math Madness Night in a week to send as an invitation to central office staff in my district.  We then uploaded to Vimeo, (YouTube has been bugging me with all their new rules lately) and here you have the finished product below.  I think it went pretty well for literally 20 minutes of work.  

You can tell me what you think in the comments below, and we all wish you would.  I think the iMovie Trailer is a fun activity, but in moderation.  There was a time this year when I thought they were.....a little played they say.  But for this purpose, I love a creative challenge in a limited amount of time.  I will show you the 20 minute iMovie project that I created today with 1st graders tomorrow!!  @ipadsammy is blogging!! Tell your friends!!!