Can 1st Graders Make An iMovie in 20 Minutes?....YES!

The reality of teaching is, at the end of the year there are things that disrupt your normal schedule.  Field days, assemblies,'s all in there.  You end up with strange blocks of time that are too long for game, and too short to go back to work.  Take these moments as a challenge at the end of the year.  Do some.....field testing if you will.  

We have PLC's that meet and the teachers need extra time to go over their data.  We usually try to fill in to help cover the classes for about 30 minutes.  These students are 1st graders that have had 1:1 iPads almost all year.  The teacher was very funny and said that she had left no plans for me when I interrupted their meeting.  The teachers just laughed at me, and thought they were SO funny.  I replied that they hadn't all year, so what else was new.  Touche'

My plan was this...they had to pick three pictures already in their photo library from throughout the year.  When the imported the pics into iMovie, I wanted them to narrate over the top to tell a story.  This can be tricky, but there are a few tricks to make it easier.  Tell the kids to narrate as long as they want to because the pictures are simple to edit and make longer or shorter in the iMovie.  I also like them to narrate one slide at a time, to keep their thoughts focused on one picture.  The most difficult thing for first graders to understand is to accept and review their narration.  If they don't accept it, it will get lost in cyberlimbo, so make sure you go over that with the class.

Below are the two samples that were what I wanted.  There were a lot more that finished, less than successfully.  I think at the very least, we reviewed some of the concepts of iMovie which is a very versatile app for any subject or grade level.  


They are two very different videos.  I thought the use of titles was EXCELLENT in the first video.   Then I had to open my big mouth and try and get the second boy to put in titles.  Not only did he not want to, I tried to show him and left the dreaded empty title slide in his opening shot.  Totally MY FAULT!  

These are both great, they took from 10:50 until 11:10 for the students to create.  The bottom video had trouble with audio, so we used the terrific iRig Mic that I have to record.  It drowns out ALL the background noise.  Spencer didn't believe me at first, but he was a believer after he watched the video.  The iRig Mic, just got an update too...I am on the mailing list.  I will post a video below to check them out.  Tony Vincent told me about the mics 3 years ago. Wes Fryer also used them in a session that I attended.  If there is one thing I know, LISTEN to Wes Fryer and Tony Vincent.  

I hope you enjoy the post and please feel free to comment or reach me on Twitter @ipadsammy