I don't know where I'm going.......

But I sure know where I've been.....and here I go again.  Back to Houston for the third time in two months.   The first two times were for #edcamphouston and #edcampwaller.  This time I am going to the Texas Google Summit in the Woodlands, Texas.  I have NO IDEA where that is....or where I am going tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

My presentation will be Getting Googley With Your iPad.  I love how there have been MAJOR app switches since Wednesday.  That pretty much shoots down a lot of what I had ready.  So here I sit trying to learn the new apps in a short amount of time.  Here are the two apps I look to go over as I think they are the most important Google Apps for the iPad: 


Google Drive is one of the most important tools that teachers need to utilize.  I don't know how I used to live without Drive.  I collaborate on our Techlandia Podcast notes with Curt and Alison every week on Google Drive.  We can share, edit, and work on documents at the same time.  If I am having a busy week, Curt or Alison can see the doc and fill in as needed.  The app has many tricks that I plan to show.  

Google Hangouts are the crown jewel of Google+.  Again, we could NOT do our podcast without Google Hangouts On Air.  It is an amazing tool to use with students, teachers, and your family.  I am desperately trying to learn this app so I can show it off tomorrow.  

You can click the link above to see all that is going on, and follow the hashtag #txgoo on "The Twitters."  If you are attending and come to my session, I will be giving away 20 apps to lucky random attendees.  Hope to see you there!