10 Things to Know About Techlandia This Summer

  1. We will be interviewing George Couros on Monday, May 27.
  2. We will be interviewing Wes Fryer on the show the following week.
  3. All interviewees are asked to share 3 apps and 3 educators to add to your PLN. We will also try to crowd source questions for the guests through Google Moderator.The link for George Couros is posted below, and will be tweeted from the @techlandiacast, @ipadsammy, @tedrosececi, and @curtrees accounts.
  4. We made a silly list of Techlandia nicknames, just for fun yesterday.  It is also posted below.
  5. We post a board with links on the Learnist website for EVERY podcast.  You can find the link to those below, and soon embedded on ipadsammy.com.
  6. We will be doing shows, as usual, once a week this summer.  Sit back and let us help keep you in the loop with PD, while you enjoy your summer.
  7. Jon will not do @mrmacnology impressions at conferences...UNLESS you buy him a refreshing beverage.
  8. There is a new podcast coming soon........
  9. It will not only be a short 5 minute segment on how to use an app....but the app will also be demoed and the video will be uploaded to the ipadsammy YouTube channel. 
  10. We would love to hear from you! Please contact any, or all of us on "The Twitters."

We have a video explaining the list and some more below with Mr Macnology.

photo (4) copy.PNG