Summer Professional Development On The Go

I had been waiting for the lastest episode of one of my favorite podcasts, Instructional Tech Talk, to arrive in the iTunes store.  It had been a little while between episodes so I figured Jeff Herb, the host of ITT, was busy winding down his school year.  It can be overwhelming for everyone at this time of the year.  Report cards, extra assemblies, and field trips are among the many distractions that are happening right now for students and teachers.  I usually have to take at least 2 weeks after school is over just to settle back down and get to a place where I am relaxed.  In the latest episode of ITT, Jeff talks about getting ready for next year while you are on vacation.  Sounds crazy, right?  It is exactly the same thing I use in tweets when I promote Techlandia.   You can get your professional development while in the car listening to podcasts!  

So please listen to this episode of Instructional Tech Talk.  I have put the link below:

I have also made a widget with links to the podcasts Jeff mentioned. (along with a couple adds of my own)  Thanks you for the big plug as one of your favorite podcasts! Techlandia loves you too!