Tony Vincent, George Couros, and Wes Fryer Interviews....what's next?

We have had a terrific three week run of guests on Techlandia.  We also like to highlight each guest with a Learnist Board of resources and links that were shared during the show.  Techlandia is the educational technology podcast that works for you, the listener! So feel free to listen while you walk your dog, jog, drive to work, or take a shower! We will have all the links ready for you, no worries. 

We also have two great guests in the works for this week and the next! This week we will have an interview with the fantastic Erin Klein on Saturday night.  The following Saturday, June 15 we are honored to have Kyle Pace.  You can watch us on Techlandia LIVE on Saturday nights between 9-11 PM CST.  Watch @ipadsammy, @curtrees, @tedrosececi or @techlandiacast for the tweets on Saturdays to get the exact time.  We hope you will join us live or listen over the summer.   Summer is a good time to catch up on episodes you may have missed.  So please reach out to Curt, Alison, or myself over the summer.  We love to get feedback and ideas!  We hope to see you at ISTE 13 in San Antonio! 


Tony Vincent Interview Resources

George Couros Interview Resources 

Wes Fryer Interview Resources