A Long, Strange Trip to #iste13

Eight sessions, three Texas towns, in two weeks....I'm pooped - @ipadsammy

That is what happened to me the past two weeks:

Three hour workshops, fifty minute lectures, panel discussions, poster sessions, and app smackdowns.  I enjoy doing it, but my real joy comes through meeting new people.

Sitting on the floor, charging my phone, I met a couple teachers, who were charging an outlet over.  They shared that they were exhausted and overloaded with info.  I was too, but it is a good kind of exhausted, and it gave us time to chat.  I take these opportunities to try to talk about the value of Twitter.  I believe that during iPadpalooza they had talked to enough people to see the value of connecting with others.  I felt like Mariano Rivera and swooped in as the closer.  The Twitter closer, that should be a job at conferences.  

In San Antonio a group of us snuck up on to the roof of the Hyatt Regency.  It sounds more sinister than it was, the pool closed at 10, we just wanted to sit up there for a bit and relax in the night air.  I ran in to two teachers who were from Arizona.  I had presented at the last two Mobile Conferences in Phoenix, and they recognized me from the conference.  They shared that they had attended some pretty good conferences, had Twitter accounts, but didn't use them very much.  I talked to them about why they should give it more of a try, and even tweeted to the #iste13 hashtag that people should follow them.  

I believe that it is my responsibility to take the time and work with people individually and show people the value of Twitter.   I like meeting great people on Twitter, at conferences like iPadpalooza and ISTE.  I LOVE helping people get started on Twitter and getting them to be connected educators.  If you ever see me at a conference, please take the time to chat with me.  There are so many great ideas and things to share.  We need to get as many people as we can, sharing ideas, and collaborating.  

In that spirit, the way I share is by helping out with Techlandia.  Here are the new links to Episode 28 - The ISTE Hangover