Don't Be Afraid To Try Something New This Summer

My good friend, Alison Anderson, just wrote a great blog on some new tech tools to try over the summer. It looks like it has been shared over one thousand times in less than a week. Do you hear that Arne Duncan? Teachers are answering the bell and practicing what they preach....lifelong learning. So when the so called "Secretary of Education" states that the reason US education is failing is because the teachers working now were in the lower 1/3 of our graduating class.....just remember we are trying. So don't listen to Arne, and join the great educators reading this post. The article is linked below, and in the embedded I am trying ALL the ed tech tools on this list! Great job, Alison! As for you Arne, go DO SOME season is over! How about getting rid of NCLB like you were supposed to? 


Please remember, the hyperlinks in this post work, so don't be afraid to click. No ads, just the articles and people I am referring to. I will post more on the blog now that I am done presenting in July and August.