George Couros - The "REAL" Secretary of Education

George Couros & @ipadsammy/Wokka VS. Arne Duncan & Sal Khan

"The EduDebate that was over by the end of the first question"  

Everyone knows that I don't like Arne Duncan. When I heard he was doing a Google Hangout On Air with Sal Khan, I had to watch. I gave old Basketball Arne a chance. A Google Hangout? Sal Khan? Those are techie things....maybe Arne is catching on. My answer was a quick NO on all accounts. They were so clueless and uninspiring that I had to do something. 


Enter....George Couros. He is a great sport, and a fan of our podcast Techlandia. I wanted to be inspired  for the school year. I couldn't let the school year just start with the KhanDuncan love fest of talking a lot, but saying nothing. It was a moral imperative to cleanse teachers from that horrible conversation. 

I took out all of Sal's questions, from what I could decipher from his bumbling and tripping over himself, and asked them to George. A "reenactment" of the KhanDuncan Hangout, complete with puppets. So I will put both videos up, and you can decide. Which leader is more inspiring? Couros VS. isn't even close. 

Note please skip Couros video to 4:33 - unless you want to see us goofing around talking N'Sync before we started.