Create Your Own Inspiration To Start The Year

On our latest Techlandia episode, Alison started the podcast off with a website called Quozio.  I didn't think much about it, until I took a look at what the site did. You find a quote, paste it in, then cite who said it. Very simple and easy to use. It would be something simple to start off the school year with, and introduce to the students. Then you would have it in your bag of tricks for students to use throughout the year. Here are the things I would do to set this up for my class.

    • There are two good websites to find popular quotes. I used Brainy Quote. The other one that looks pretty decent is Quoteopia, I just don't like the ads.

      • I had an idea who I wanted to get a quote from. I always defer to the legend...Michael Jordan. He provides great quotes on not being afraid to fail. 
        • I copied the quote to paste into Quozio.  I also created an account to save the quotes. 

          • The hard part is picking the background and font from their selections. There are 37 different styles to choose from. I am NOT a fan of many of them. There is one that gives it in a text style, that is an option. I would prefer to be able to pick the background and font myself. That is a weakness of the site in my opinion. 

            • Quotes naturally go with Pinterest, so I created my own board. This takes about a minute to create and you are off and running. A great way to keep all your items from the year. Here is my Pinterest Board

              • Workflow options besides using the simple Pin It button are Post/Like on Facebook, Tweet, +1, or send as an email. If you created an account you can also just hit the Keep button. 

                • The other promising aspect is if you can install the bookmarklet in your browser toolbar. This will allow you to highlight text on a page and open directly in Quozio without having to copy and paste.  


                So there it is. Very simple, and an easy way for students to share a quote that inspires them to build a classroom community at the beginning of the year. To hear more ideas we give out weekly, listen to Alison Anderson, Curt Rees, and I every week on Techlandia. We are also on Twitter and you can usually watch us tape live on Saturday nights. We also provide links on Learnist and EduClipper to all that we share.