The Trifecta - Autism, Podcasts, and Playlists

A completely random post of things I created in the horrible month of February

It is no secret that I dislike February more than any other month. I used to be real vocal about it back in the Facebook days. I don't even need to say a word about it now, more people are jumping on the anti-February bandwagon every year. I think it's the Valentine's Day/Holiday cash flow shortage/Not quite Spring Break/About to start standardized testing/Bad weather combination for teachers and students. I know the month isn't over, but I am going to say that this February wasn't historically bad. Here are the reasons why:

  1. The TCEA conference is always a good time in February. This is our annual Texas edtech conference, and it has been a good time seven years running for me. You get meet new and old friends, learn and share, #goodtimes.
  2. Edcamp OKC was a great to attend this year. My first Edcamp outside of Texas. Some great educators up in Oklahoma, that were very friendly. 
  3. Edcamp Awesome was also a good time. It amazes me when people keep asking, "How many people here are first time Edcampers?" and has easily been 80% of people the last three Edcamps I have attended. The movement is growing, we all want more say in our professional development.
  4. Saving the best for last....IntegratED Portland! This has so many great presenters, I can't wait to go. I also get to hang with so many great educators and administrators, if I tried to name them all, I couldn't. Alison, Curt, Tyler and I had a ball last year, and we will go with the flow and see how this year ends up. Techlandia Live during a happy hour, should be an interesting time as well. #totalchaos written all over it. 

I have created a few things this month that I am proud of, and wanted to share them with you.

The first one is a blog from my second grade son. I looked on my son's iPad mini and found an interesting collection of pictures. I decided to create a Tumblr of all those pictures that I would post to daily. I decided to title it Through the Eyes of Autism. I was going to post all pics by MJ, but I have already broken that rule and posted one that my wife took at his birthday. It will mostly be his photos, #nofilter, #noedit, just the way he sees things. I am kind of private about having a son with autism. I appreciated John Spencer commenting that he thought it was a cool idea that humanizes kids who are autistic. If John Spencer thinks it's a cool idea, then score one for me in February. You can visit it here: Through the Eyes of Autism

We did it! A full Symbaloo of Techlandia episodes? Yep, it is here for you. Hours of us rambling incoherently about edtech. If you want to listen while you work on the computer, this webmix is for you! 

Finally, my Spotify playlists for Techlandia this month. There is a great one for Maryland artists for Timonious Downing, and one for Canadian Artists for Victoria Olson. Check them out, I love both of them. 

That's all for now. Boarding my plane for Portlandia in a couple hours. Be good, and remember this famous quote, which I may misquote: 

It’s not your fault....that is just how it is in February.
— Robin Williams - Good Will Hunting