Sarahdateechur Spins About School...

Sarah Thomas is about to get busier....MUCH busier this year. She is doing some great things in the Prince Georges County School District in Maryland. She likes to try out new things in the classroom and Just Do It! like Nike. That attitude is why she is presenting at several conferences in 2014. If you look at Sarah's website she is doing a crazy amount of work for her school. How does she get all this done? The Techlandia crew sat down with Sarah to ask about that, as well as flipping the classroom, gamification, Edcamps, and about her DJ skills.

We invite you to take a listen to our talk with Sarah and the links to our conversation below. This coming Saturday, we will have Alice Keeler on the show, AKA @alicekeeler on the "Twitters." If you ever want to watch live, check the @techlandiacast Twitter feed on Saturday. We send out the link to our Google Hangout On Air, and usually start the show between 10-10:30 PM CST on Saturday night. 

With @sarahdateechur