George Couros Makes A Special Announcement

We have had some great guests on Techlandia lately. I am battling the new Garage Band right now trying to catch up on getting podcasts uploaded. We have two great ones from this past weekend featuring Krista Moroder and Genein Letford. Look for those to be uploaded later this week. 

Our latest podcast has one of our favorite guests, George Couros, who always has an inspirational message to share. I joked after George posted about his engagement on Facebook, that he should come announce it on the show. He said he would be happy to, and we made arrangements to catch him in between presentations this month. So congrats to George and Paige on their engagement. We wish them all the best. You can listen as Paige also makes her podcast debut at the end of the show. 

Techlandia has a full slate to finish out the school year. Diane Darrow will be on this Saturday, then we will have Reuben Hoffman and Dan McDowell on the next week, and our epic finish to the school year will be with Bill Selak. We would like to give a shout out to #caedchat and the CUE 14 conference for providing the opportunity to meet these great California educators to have on the show. 

Also watch the Techlandia Twitter account on Sundays, as we are doing extra shows when we can. We will be taking a break for the summer as Curt, Alison, and I all have big changes happening this summer. We will share more in the upcoming weeks. 

Check out Techlandia 61 - The Babe and watch for other episodes this week!