10 Ideas For The New School Year

Last Wednesday night, we kicked off Techlandia for the new school year. Moss Pike, a high school Latin teacher in California, discussed a number of great topics: (Moss is also Las Vegas born and raised.) 

  Way in the distance is the Edtech 11 crew....squint and you can almost see them. 

Way in the distance is the Edtech 11 crew....squint and you can almost see them. 

  1. Moss talked about the recently completed Edcamp Vegas, that he attended. We also decided ANYONE can organize an edcamp, if @msgeekyteach can pull it off. 
  2. There was also talk about Playdate LA, and how you can bring it to your town.
  3. He talked about his session at Fall CUE with Karl Lindgren-Streicher, and the theory if you attend an edtech conference this year, you are only separated by Six Degrees of Lindgren-Streicher.
  4. A breakdown of the Design Thinking process was given. (So simple that even I could understand.)
  5. Moss talked about being elected to the CUE board. He also shared his ideas on how to get educators to keep the conversations going with CUE events.
  6. I snuck in some tool talk, and shared Nurph for Twitter Chats, and Get Point as the Chrome extension you need this year. 
  7. We discovered Curt's favorite author.....himself, as he wrote the forward for Matt Renwick's new book, Digital Student Portfolios.
  8. There was a discussion on Sketchnotes, and Moss shared some great resources.
  9. We talked about the IntegratEd SF conference in October, and why you should attend. 
  10. How listening to Techlandia every week, will help inspire you to try new ideas this school year. Moss was also amazed that people could just listen to Techlandia on their commute, and that a helpful List.ly was created with all the links so listeners wouldn't miss a thing while they were driving. 

Ok, number 10 was a lie....Moss didn't say he was amazed by our List.ly lists. That was me, putting in my two cents. The lists will ALWAYS be made so you CAN do those things if you would like. 

So you got sucked in to reading this from the title? Sorry, that was just me trying to prove that we need to STOP with these suck you in titles. 

Techlandia will roll this week, with No. Cal. educator extraordinaire, Lisa Highfill. We are excited to talk to Lisa, and guaranteed to make more fun of Karl Lindgren-Steicher and David Theriaut on the show. We know Craig Yen is busy playing softball on Wednesday nights, but you can always watch the Techlandia Twitter feed for the link if you would like to watch live. Our new time is Wednesdays at 10PM EST/7PM PST.