5 Reasons To Video Chat With Blab

It's time to move on. Google Hangouts have been ignored for almost two years now......

I joined Blab 80 days ago.

I am not some kind of crazy person that writes down the exact day I sign up for a new website, I just happened to see that on my Blab profile page. If I do my calculations correctly that means it was summer. It is easy to try new things in the summertime.

I love doing my podcast, Techlandia, but I wasn't sure if I was going to continue. Workflow was a contributing factor to my frustration. Alison Anderson and I started Techlandia on December 31, 2012 with a Google Hangout On Air. This not only let us video chat, but we could view the Google Doc, and add sound effects. The video would be saved to YouTube, and I would strip out the audio, put it in Garage Band, and then upload it to Podomatic. I thought the method was a cheap work around, until I shared our method with other podcasts and they copied our style. It worked for us for a long time. I loved Google Hangouts and didn't see why more people weren't using them. Not that there weren't problems... it was difficult to get people in the Hangouts, and sometimes it would lag and you would have to stop and start back over, but Google would fix that...but the updates have never happened. Time for a cool change.....

5 Reasons Blab Has Motivated Me To Continue Podcasting

  1. Ease to bring new users in to video chat - If someone hasn't used Blab before, they just sign up with their Twitter profile. That's it. No download, send them the link and they click the open seat.
  2. You can interact with new people - Because it is so easy to invite users you know, you can invite people in to the chat that are just watching online. Scott Bedley and I have done this a few times on Grumpy Old Teachers. I think I realized what a great feature this was when we talked to @davidwbeaty, who is a technology director in Denmark. 
  3. Saves audio and video files and emails them to you when you finish your Blab - This is such a time saver for me. I just wait for the email and put it in to Garage Band. My old work flow used a site from 2003 that would work most of the time, but was always a little bit sketchy. 
  4. The ability to pause the show, and then start back up again - This is definitely a big feature that Google Hangout doesn't have. When you started a Hangout On Air, and you had to stop, a new hangout was required and you had to invite everyone again. 
  5. You can schedule shows in advance until the end of the month - I know that Google can do this too, but the interface and sharing on Blab is much easier. 

In honor of all these factors we are going to start regular Techlandia back up tonight. We will have Bob Dillon on with co-host Amy Fadeji at 7PM PST. You can watch live, watch later on Blab, or just wait for the podcast in iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you listen. Last cool feature....you can just come back to this post and watch because they provide the embed code to do that. Thank you Blab, your site has motivated me to keep on going with Techlandia! Check us out along with some other great podcasts on the Education Podcast Network.