A Quick Mental Vacation For The Last Week...

Are you tired? Ready for Winter Break? Sick of silly questions?

Here are three things you can use to give yourself a teacher brain break. Chrome extensions that offer up a little mental vacation. You need it, and I am here to help you out. So lets get to it!

Who needs more Ryan Gosling? Umm, that's right we ALL do!

Hey Girl Chrome Extension

Watch and learn...how I turn my Pinterest Boards from boring to AWESOME! 

 Normal and boring Pinterest page......

Normal and boring Pinterest page......

Now lets give it a little magic with the Hey Girl extension. 

 There is no way to put more Gosling on this page...so darn pretty! 

There is no way to put more Gosling on this page...so darn pretty! 

I am a glutton for punishment and need more Shia LaBeouf memes.

There is more awesomeness with the great Shia LaBeouf. Has anyone given more to the interwebs than Shia? The answer is no. 

DO IT! Chrome Extension 

DO IT! Shia LaBeouf Super Pack Chrome Extension

Here it is in action adding some much needed Shia to a normal Yahoo home page.

Nothing is more fun than motivational for your students than a visit from the former star of Even Stevens. (You will be the only one who remembers that show) 

So take a nice mental vacation with Google Chrome and some extensions designed to do nothing but bring a smile to your face!

Techlandia will be uploading a new episode of Grumpy Old Teachers with funny man, Scott Bedley, to help those of you in need of a laugh and still using Internet Explorer.