Help Educators From #CUE15 Build Their PLN

I am sitting in SFO for what seems like an eternity. The bright side is SFO has the BEST learning spaces of any airport in the US. Keep in mind that I don't travel that much. I am at T-minus ten minutes to publish this blog. I will keep it short and real. 

I had a great time at the CUE conference in Palm Springs. I also was given the opportunity to help facilitate discussions at the first CUE un-conference. I was paired up with the great Jason Seliskar at the Hard Rock Hotel. It was a great space to have discussions. I was running the last shift before the final keynote, but we had some great discussions. What I found out is that these seven educators need to be added to your PLN. They are looking to broaden their horizons on Twitter. I also added Jason, just because he is legit. Take a look and pass along these passionate educators. We are all in this together.