Student Film Festival Excitement

A lot of work but it will be a great time....

In my new job as an innovation strategist for the Beaverton School District, I received a surprise responsibility. Dawn Guildner and I are in charge of our annual district-wide media festival, Signal To Noise. Trying to learn how to pull this event off has been a challenge. Dawn and I are both new to the district and have never attended the festival. The event regularly has about 600+ attendees to the award show in May. The contest is open to all students in Beaverton K-12 and has a variety of categories. Our goal is to maintain the festival this year with an eye on innovating for the years to come. We have gotten some great suggestions for the future from Rushton Hurley and DK when we talked to them at conferences. I am very nervous and excited to see how things go.

The video below is a great example of what students are doing to prepare their contest entry. I love hearing students talk about the learning process. Storytelling is a great tool to leverage in the classroom. We hope to capture that enthusiasm at the Signal To Noise festival on May 12.