Twitter Made Clear and Understandable

Beaverton PE Teachers Explain Twitter In A Short Video

Have you ever been frustrated trying to explain Twitter someone that doesn't have an account? I think that if you share this video of teacher, Christy Wilson, @wilson_physed explaining Twitter to a group of Beaverton PE teachers, it will help get the point across. The candid way in which she explains Twitter without the aid of slides or visuals is outstanding. I hope administrators or technology coaches share this video and see if this can help encourage some new people to join Twitter. 

The topics covered in less than four minutes include: 

  • Twitter chats for education
  • Differences between # and @ sign
  • How/Who to follow and suggested followers
  • Where to find notifications on your smart phone
  • Where to search
  • Emailing tweets to organize favorites
  • An example of parent/teacher communication

Watch how this group of tech savvy PE teachers took out their phones, created their own hashtag (#beavertonpe), and got real with their professional development.