Grumpy Old Teachers Agree With John Oliver

Standardized Testing and Pearson needed to be called out. John Oliver does a brilliant job on Last Week Tonight. 


We hope you have seen John Oliver slam standardized testing on Last Week Tonight. If you haven't set aside 18 minutes and watch it right now. #seriously 

We had a large Voxer chat about how we thought John Oliver just nailed it with this take. Many of the people were going through the insanity of testing week when this episode premiered. This video needed to be shared with parents, teachers, and school board members. Finally, a battle cry for teachers in America. Scott Bedley and I broke down the entire segment on Grumpy Old Teachers 14

Lets get real. Who are these silly testing songs for? Have teachers all been hit on the head and seen Glee too many times? Do they think Disney is hiring for Elementary School Musical? These are bad and they are a terrible waste of time. Some of them don't even have student voices in the song. I didn't know that teaching entitled us to use our students as props to act out our old dreams of singing on Broadway. Check out the videos from the John Oliver piece below in their entirety. I am not going to tell you to down vote them, but I won't stop you. 

The test says: #epicfail

Are they going to fight in the beginning of this video? I thought it was Sharks vs. Jets in the beginning. The teachers in black and white with sunglasses and mean looks on their face....looks like someone just got their paycheck. #disappointed 

This one makes the least sense, and that is really saying something. Test you, maybe? How about we don't. What happens then? That would be crazy. 

Top 10 other takeaways from John Oliver Segment:

  1. Clowns ARE scary!
  2. Why aren't more people opting their kids out of tests?
  3. There are directions if students throw up on the test? 
  4. Accountability is needed, but hard to measure.
  5. Merit pay connected to test scores is silly.
  6. Humble Bragging should be called out every chance we get.
  7. The student in Florida needs a hug for being brave.
  8. Pearson is the #1 benefactor of all this testing.
  9. Pearson looks on Craig's List for people to grade.
  10. Words cannot describe the poorly written Pineapple and the Hare test passage.

One more takeaway.....I am vowing from this day forward to start blogging regularly. Check in regularly and I hope to entertain and inform you with some blog posts in the coming month.