Get Your Students Coding With These 20 iPad Apps

Do you have iPads in your classroom? Are you getting some this year? 

I have been doing a lot of traveling these past couple months. I attended the ISTE conference and gave a couple poster sessions. I also delivered professional development in my own district and a week long class in Arizona. One topic that is getting left behind in all this technology is coding. The Hour of Code has given a great boost to the awareness of programming, but I just read that an article recently that stated 90% of schools still aren't teaching coding.

One way to make a change is to just dive in and give it a try. July is the only month I have to take a break and clear my head. I like to reflect on the past school year and give myself three goals for the upcoming year. Having students learn to code doesn't have to be a difficult task, even if you have only one iPad. Just look at the list below and actually try to do some of the coding tasks in these apps yourself. You will be surprised at the immediate feedback you get and how it engages you to use critical thinking to solve problems.

This list has been updated, thanks to Jeanne Reed, and has (IMHO) the top apps for your students to get started with coding. Please feel free to contact me if you see anything missing as Jeanne did. I am always happy to update the list with current information. The important thing is while you have time right now, purchase an app an give it a try yourself. Your students will appreciate that they have an awesome teacher that isn't afraid to learn coding alongside them.