New Technology For Your Digital Classroom

Talking Edtech with Tony Vincent and John Spencer 

Tony Vincent is the creator of one of my favorite websites, Learning in Hand. He also created the fun creative app, Stick Around. Tony is a fan of making things. It is no surprise at all that he loves the app, Periscope. Periscope allows you to live stream video with a click of a link shared on Twitter. John Spencer and I recently sat down with Tony to shoot the breeze on all things tech. The conversation is captured in the video below from the Periscope app. 

Here is a list of the topics we covered:

  1. Product Hunt - A great website to find out all that is new in the world of technology and so much more. Watch and see Tony enamored with a special emoji app. 
  2. Stampsy - A new site that lets you curate in style. I am going to be making many more collections over the summer. In the meantime, check out my collection of High School Drama video finalists. These videos were created by students in the Beaverton School District. 
  3. Microphones for podcasting with students - something that I have learned to listen to Tony about over the years. I have always listened to his suggestions and they have never been wrong. 
  4. The NEW iRig Mic HD - fits right in to your iPad or iPhone with a lightning connector and filters out noisy backgrounds.
  5. The NEW iRig Multimedia Voice Mic - a cheaper version of the microphone above with the ability to plug in to the headphone jack. 
  6. The Blue Snowball Purple USB Mic - the exact microphone used for Techlandia Radio! 
  7. Global School Playday - Click to go to the website and find out more about the new day focused on getting students moving. 

It was great to hang with Tony and John. Be sure to check out their blogs and follow them on the "Twitters."