Cheap Classroom Tech Sale - Today Only

There are some pretty good deals for your classroom today on Amazon.

My friends have warned me about how Amazon is looking to take over the world. They seemed to be making a big deal of this Prime Day, which I hadn't heard of before, but they have some good deals that you should consider. I don't know if these are tailored to my tastes, but there a few things I am considering purchasing today. 

So let me do the looking for you and pull out some of the highlights that can be used for workstations, or things you have always wanted, but didn't have the money.

Bitsbox - Marvelous Mischief Kit : I have a subscription and LOVE the Bitsboxes. These have over 30 games that teach kids 6-12 coding skills and let them create their own apps. 

Quibits Construction Toys - Various Sizes and Colors: I just picked the pink travel kit, because I may get this one for my daughter. These would definitely be good for stations or work centers. Who doesn't love to build? Seen on one of my favorite shows, Shark Tank

LABC - iBed Tablet Stand: Want to turn your iPad into an overhead projector? Here is the chance at almost half price. 

IndieSolo Tripod and Grip: To take your classroom videos to the next level you have to get a tripod of some kind. This one looks great and it turns a cell phone into a movie making studio. Get some green screen and you are golden! 

Ozobot 1.0 2 Packs - Basically a buy one, get one free situation. I am definitely purchasing these. You can draw commands for these bots with paper and a Sharpie. Then draw commands to watch the magic. 

Right now, I am in for the Bitsbox and the Ozobot 2 Packs. Let me know if you have purchased any of the things above, and if they are worth the money. I always try to stock up on things while the prices are good, then I can lend them out or use them later on in the year. I apologize for the post if you think Amazon is evil. Sometimes I just know a good deal when I see one.