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Flashback to our podcast with Nerdy Book Club Founder, Colby Sharp

I remember when we talked with Colby Sharp for the first time on Techlandia Radio. Alison Anderson, Scott Bedley, and I were blown away by the great things he was doing. He was putting together Nerdcamp and Nerdcamp, Jr. for the second year in a row. He talked about how he was involved with the Nerdy Book Club, a site dedicated to teachers discussing books and reading strategies. It was incredible to hear all of the amazing things he was doing.

Fast forward to the present. We are very happy that we have continued our relationship with Colby. He has completed four Techlandia Radio podcasts giving great book recommendations for teachers. He just completed putting together the THIRD Nerdcamp, which was a huge success. His lovely wife, Alaina, also gave birth to a new child, Hobbes, this past year. All this and Colby still finds the time to coach football. Check out Colby's new podcast, 10 Minutes With Mr. Sharp. We are in awe of your hard work and effort, Colby! 

Check out the links below of all the great books and resources Colby talked about on Techlandia Radio 68!