Award Winning Apps On Sale Now

Some really great apps can be had for less than a buck right now...

There have been a lot of great sales over the summer. I like to be able to purchase a few new things and give them a try before the school year starts. Apple has not done the usual Back to School promotion, but they do have some great apps on sale. A few of these apps I own and think are worth it, and some of them I am going to purchase while they are discounted. 

The Apps I Own: (and approve) 

  1. Scanner Pro 6 - I am always surprised that people don't know you can use your iPhone as a scanner. This app lets you do all of that robust work...on your phone. This app is like having a QR code reader on your phone. You are always happy that you have it when you need it.
  2. Simple Machines by Tinybop - My kids love all the Tinybop apps. This one really lets them explore their inner STEM. Definitely love watching my kids play this app. 
  3. TextGrabber + - Translate languages by taking a picture...enough said.
  4. Toca Mini - Another app company that my kids love. We buy all of the Toca Boca apps. This app lets you create different characters. 
  5. Clone Camera Pro - This is the app that can make a clone of yourself in the same picture. Pretty fun and cool all at the same time. 
  6. Trivia Crack - I have not been playing this game as much recently. It is a fun diversion when you need a break. 

The Apps I Am Going To Purchase: (and hopefully, love) 

  1. Little Builders - There is nothing my boy loves more than trucks and building things. He also likes to destroy things after he builds them. 
  2. Bubl Draw - I don't know how I have missed this app. Music and coloring combined in one app. Sign me up now! 
  3. AirPano Travel Book - 360 degree panoramas of over 70 countries. This looks pretty darn cool. 
  4. Blek - This just looks like a well designed game. I need to try this out while it is on sale.

The rest of the notable apps are in the list below. You can get some good deals. Why do I keep spending money like I have it? Oh well, you only live once.