Summer Book Selections For Your 5th-12th Grader

Great book selections from Beaverton School District Book Expert/Connoisseur, Jen Blair.

Summer slide is a concern for all parents. It's that time when schedules are off and students can fall in to bad habits. I am living proof of that. I stayed up until 3AM watching tape delayed summer league basketball while snacking on Flamin' Hot Cheetos. The one thing I have been doing this summer is reading....and before you ask, yes, reading books. I read the "interwebs" all the time, but I have finished two books this summer. I am proud to say my Goodreads feed has a pulse for the first time in years. 

I was talking with my co-worker, Jen Blair @librarianlost, and she created this great book of summer reads for sixth through twelfth graders. I have amended it to include fifth graders as well, my daughter started reading some of the suggested books. She created ten categories for her different book picks. I am in the process of creating lists of all of her choices. Below you will find the first two that I have curated, two more will be coming today. Please feel free to check back in and share these posts. Follow Jen on Twitter! She gives updates when she finishes a book and posts her thoughts. Here are the first two lists: Books With Lots Of Pics (graphic novels), and Beach Reads. Enjoy, read, and share!